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Here we will talk about the TOP 10 CAREER FOR FEMALE IN INDIA 2022, CAREER FOR GIRLS also we will see the highest-paying jobs for females in India, and best jobs for females in India, and best career option for girls in India after the 12th, and best government jobs for ladies in India,

In India, the social scenario is totally different in comparison to developed countries keep in mind I will tell you the best career options available in 2022 in India.

Choosing a suitable career was always a challenging task for women.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the Top 10 careers suitable for women.



2Civil services(UPSC, state psc)
3Doctor / Nurse
4Beautician / Makeup Artist
10Pilot / Air hostess

1- Teacher


this is a Very respected career and very peaceful also. you can perform your duty in a very peaceful manner.

Teaching is a very popular career among youngsters and it is one of the best professions suitable for girls.

there are varieties of teachers this totally depends on your potential in which standard you can teach.

you can teach online also like YouTube, unacademy, udemy.

you can start teaching offline also you can give coaching you can give home tuitions by which you can earn enough money and respect.

 types of teacher you can be-

  • 1- primary teacher
  • 2- junior teacher
  • 3- high school teacher
  • 4- TGT teacher
  • 5- PGT teacher
  • 6- assistant professor
  • 7- professor

Highlighting features of a teaching career are given below.

  • Job Security
  • Low working pressure
  • Specific and prefixed class timings
  • Touching the lives of many students
  • Key role in character formation and personality development of students
  • Prestige and respect in society
  • Risk-free profession
  • Better pay scale

Ample opportunities are available for offline teachers who are ready to take home tuitions or provide coaching for various competitive examinations. Expertise in subject matter and dedication are the main qualities needed to become a teacher.

In the teaching profession very little chance of any outside area posting.

 if you are joining the state government then your job location will be very close to your hometown.

if you join Central Government like Kendriya Vidyalaya or Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya or anything related to the central government then you may get posting All Around India but it will be in a city so you will not face more problems.

 working hours are very less compared to other job fields.

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Civil service is one of the dream jobs of youngsters who want to do service to their country. This career seems to be one of the most suitable jobs for women for the sole reason that it is achievable for them with hard work and determination

There are two types of civil services.

 1-central civil services(UPSC)

2- state civil services like-uppsc,mppsc, etc

Highlights of a career in Civil Services for women

  • Opportunity to serve our nation
  • Better social standing
  • Be a part of the country’s administration
  • Respect in social circle
  • Job satisfaction
  • Economic stability

Anyone with a graduation degree in any discipline could apply for the national level competitive examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission and various state public service commissions every year for finding eligible candidates for vacancies in civil services.

 these exams are conducted each year.

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3- Doctor/Nurse

career as a doctor

In India doctor is called next to God.

A career in medicine is considered a sacred profession for Doctors and Nurses are the ones who deal with the lives of people. Hence, they are considered as the spokesperson of God.

there are huge respect and economic security you will get.

you can either be a government doctor or a private doctor or you can open your own clinic.

 to become a good doctor you must require an MBBS degree or MD.

the central government and state government both conduct exams each year for degree courses like NEET (UG) NEET is a national level single medical entrance exam conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education).

If you want to become a nurse you must qualify for exams like BSc nursing you can work as a government nurse or as a private nurse.

Highlights of a career in medicine for women

  • Social Security
  • An opportunity to take care of various people who are not well
  • Lifesaving opportunity
  • A platform to express your love and compassion for fellow beings
  • Better job opportunities in India as well as abroad
  • Attractive Pay Scale

4-Beautician /Makeup artist

career as a makeup artist

In the current scenario, every girl wants to look beautiful and trendy. that’s why the opportunity in this field will not be e get down there is a huge market in the field of beautification.

Fashion is the trend of the day and the growth of the cosmetics sector makes us aware of the importance of beauty in our everyday life. Everyone wants to appear beautiful in front of others and this enhances the scope of beauticians as a profession.

Major benefits of choosing a Beautician as a profession are given below.

  • It is possible to learn this art within a short period (6 Months)
  • Affordable for common people
  • Could work at the comfort of their own home
  • No huge initial investment is needed
  • No need to depend on others for financial needs
  • Development of personality

 Now we will talk about what you can start-

 1-you can start your own beauty parlour.

 2-you can start your own YouTube channel related to beauty.

 3-you can become a celebrity makeup artist.

 4-you can join the film industry as a makeup artist.


career as a blogger/youtuber

Blogging is a very exciting carrier among women because it provides a platform for sharing their own experiences and feelings. It also provides opportunities for effectively exhibiting your talents and knowledge.

Blogging helps one to stay updated with the current trends and people from all over the world will be able to read what we write and express their comments and opinions.

 there are lots of opportunities.

 there is various kind of blogging.

  • Travel Blogging
  • Wildlife blogging
  • Beauty Blogging
  • Technology Blogging
  • Literature Blogging
  • Recipe Blogging
  • Creative Blogging

The most beautiful thing about blogging is you will pursue your career in your favourite field, you will never feel like a job and you will be very comfortable and you can work as you want, you will be your own Boss.

Blogging can be done with minimum technological knowledge. Anyone, especially women, could write blogs with the help of a computer or smartphone with an active internet connection.

Flexibility in working hours and lack of work pressure combined with monetary benefits makes blogging a popular career among individuals.

6- YOUTUBER (Best Career for girls)

 If one can spend an extra amount of effort and time making interesting YouTube Videos, then he/she will be able to make passive income. Youtubers are in demand and most of them enjoy popularity among the common mass.

It is an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and getting updated with the world in which we are living.

In the current scenario, you can see the life of human beings become live, it may be on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or YouTube. 

 so there is a huge opportunity for YouTubers.

 what you know you can explain on your own YouTube channel and try to become perfect in that particular topic.

You can switch to YouTube as a full-time career, you can earn good money from Youtube other than YouTube you can make money by Facebook also through YouTube. you can get sponsorships. overall you will get the career which you want.

Highlights of a career as a YouTuber

  • Turning Passion into Profession
  • Passive source of income
  • Exchange of ideas
  • Many followers and new connections
  • Socialization
  • Better social acceptance
  • No work pressure or Target
  • Flexibility in working hours

After all, you will be your own Boss you will get the liberty to work by your own way.

 Some of the successful female YouTubers from India.

Name of the Youtube Channel/YouTuberNiche/Genre
Nisha MadhulikaFood
Pooja LuthraHealth and Beauty
Kabita’s KitchenFood
Shruti Arjun AnandBeauty
Recipe with Dr. ShaliniFood
Priya MalikHealth and Beauty
She stylesBeauty

Few emerging women YouTubers

Name of the YoutuberNiche/Genre
Divya StylesFashion and Beauty
Jyothi SethiFashion and Beauty


career in defence

Current days female is participating in every kind of event, every kind of job, even the defence sector also.

Defence provides various job opportunities for women who are ambitious and bold. Being adventurous, choosing a career in the defence sector was not a comfortable option for women in the past.

Nowadays, with the advent of globalization and information explosion, women find it easy to take up various job roles in defence.

for joining the defence sector girls must be graduates(for NDA only 10+2 required).

After SC order, Centre opens application for women in NDA


there are few ways to join defence in India.

1- CDS exam

2- AFCAT exam

3- NCC special entry

4- Short Service Commission

5 –NDA

Highlights of a career in Defence for women

  • Be a part of the Protection force of our country
  • Adventurous job
  • Economic stability
  • Social reputation
  • Better standard of living
  • Job satisfaction
  • Good career progression
  • Stabilized life

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A girl who has communication skills and wants to fight for justice can choose a career as a lawyer.

A woman who is good at expressing her views and opinions convincingly and wanted to fight for justice can choose a career as a lawyer.

This profession was almost like a monopoly of men in the past but recently this trend is changing and more women counterparts are gaining importance in this field.

The value of an advocate increases with his/her experience in this field.

Now the number of girls is increasing in this field.

There is enough money and good career growth also. as you become popular as you become more experienced your value will you more.

To become a lawyer you must be a graduate (LLB) or postgraduate(LLM) from the law there are few University provide degrees.

The most important exam in the field of law is known as CLAT.  which is conducted EVERY year this is the All India exam to get admission to the top university of India in the field of law.

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 few top universities in India are as follows.

  • National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore
  • National Academy of Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR) University of Law, Hyderabad
  • National Law Institute University, Bhopal
  • National Univ of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata
  • ILS Law College-Pune


 In your house, the decision OR most perfect advice is given by the housewife of the home means the home minister of the home it means the female has more management or consultant perception.

Management is a concept that starts right from our family. Decision-making and problem-solving skills are essentially related to managerial skills and in a family, women play a key role in taking important decisions with consultant perception.

There is a number of Companies hiring female for this type of job.

 Marketing is a good opportunity.

If you want to become a management professional then you must have a degree from a recognised University like IIM.

Most of the multinational companies will have managerial posts and many of them prefer skill or expertise and experience in this field instead of gender.

Skills needed for a career in Management for Women

  • Coordinating and Organizing skills
  • Negotiating power
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Ability to work under pressure


As well being is increasing people wants more comfort.

In ancient time, people were travelling on their Feet after that bullock cart after that train and now the time is by air.

Presently we are living in a world without having any time restraints. With the advent of air travel, distance becomes a matter of the past. Now, anyone could reach anywhere in a short period.

So there is use opportunity in the career of the pilot as well as an air hostess.

 The number of airlines is increasing around the globe as well in India also show.

if you want to become a pilot in airlines you must have a commercial pilot licence and for Air hostesses, there is no specific certificate required.

Skills needed for a career in airways for Women

  • Pleasing Appearance
  • Excellent communication Skills
  • Ability to learn fast
  • Adapt to the situations at a faster pace
  • Logical thinking

Foot Note: These are the top 10 careers that a woman can choose from according to her interest and climb up the ladder of her career progression.


Q. Which is the best career for girls in India?

Ans. It totally depends on your preferences, but in my way is a TEACHER.

Q. Which is the best job for girls from home?

Ans. Youtube/blogging

Q. Which is the best government job for ladies in india?

Ans. According to me Doctor, Teacher, Advocate, etc….

Q. Which is the best job for a married woman?

Ans. Freelancer, blogger, Youtuber?

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