IIT jam mathematics statistics syllabus

IIT jam mathematics statistics syllabus– Dear IIT JAM aspirants here we will discuss the IIT JAM mathematical statistics detailed syllabus and exam pattern of the IIT JAM exam, and you can download pdf.

IIT jam mathematics statistics syllabus 2021

The Mathematical Statistics (MS) test paper comprises Mathematics (40% weightage) and Statistics
(60% weightage).


Sequences and Series: Convergence of sequences of real numbers, Comparison, root, and ratio
tests for convergence of series of real numbers.

Differential Calculus: Limits, continuity, and differentiability of functions of one and two variables.
Rolle’s theorem, mean value theorems, Taylor’s theorem, indeterminate forms, maxima, and minima
of functions of one and two variables.

Integral Calculus: Fundamental theorems of integral calculus. Double and triple integrals,
applications of definite integrals, arc lengths, areas, and volumes.

Matrices: Rank, the inverse of a matrix. Systems of linear equations. Linear transformations,
eigenvalues, and eigenvectors. Cayley-Hamilton theorem, symmetric, skew-symmetric, and
orthogonal matrices.


Probability: Axiomatic definition of probability and properties, conditional probability, multiplication
rule. The theorem of total probability. Bayes’ theorem and independence of events.

Random Variables: Probability mass function, probability density function, and cumulative distribution
functions, distribution of a function of a random variable. Mathematical expectation, moments, and
moment generating function. Chebyshev’s inequality.

Standard Distributions: Binomial, negative binomial, geometric, Poisson, hypergeometric, uniform,
exponential, gamma, beta and normal distributions. Poisson and normal approximations of a binomial distribution.

Joint Distributions: Joint, marginal and conditional distributions. Distribution of functions of random
variables. Joint moment generating function. Product moments, correlation, simple linear regression. Independence of random variables.

Sampling Distributions: Chi-square, t and F distributions, and their properties.

JAM 2021: Highlights

  • IISc Bangalore is the Organizing Institute for JAM 2021.
  • JAM 2021 Examination will be conducted ONLINE only as a Computer Based Test (CBT) for all Test Papers.
  • JAM 2021 will have seven Test Papers, namely, (i) Biotechnology (BT), (ii) Chemistry (CY), (iii) Economics
    (EN), (iv) Geology (GG), (v) Mathematics (MA), (vi) Mathematical Sciences (MS), and (vii) Physics (PH).
    Economics (EN) paper is added new this year.
  • All the seven Test Papers of JAM 2021 will be of entirely objective type, with three different patterns of
    questions, namely (i) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), (ii) Multiple Select Questions (MSQ), and (iii)
    Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions.
  • applications will be accepted ONLINE only through JAM 2021 website.
    No hard copies of documents are to be sent to the Organizing Institute. The applicable documents are
    to be uploaded online to the application website only.
  • No hardcopy of the JAM 2021 scorecard will be sent to the JAM 2021 qualified candidates by the
    Organizing Institute. It can only be downloaded from JAM 2021 website within a specified period.
  • NO additional requirements, such as a suitability test or interview, are needed for admission to the
    masters programs under JAM.
  • Integrated Ph.D. programs in Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences and
    Biological Sciences at IISc Bangalore will use the JAM results to shortlist candidates for the final

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