How to become a scientist in ISRO

How to become a scientist in ISROISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) is one of the most famous space exploration organizations in India known for the groundbreaking and innovative space-related projects including Chandrayan and Mangalyaan.

It is a matter of pride and an instigated sense of patriotism that comes into life when it comes to becoming a scientist in ISRO.

Let us discuss in detail the various aspects pertained to become a scientist in ISRO

Subject preference to become a scientist in ISRO

To become a scientist at ISRO, choosing Mathematics and Physics as a subject combination at plus two is mandatory.

It is vital to have a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts of these subjects.

Academic pathway to becoming a scientist in ISRO

Getting admission in IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology) is the easy and direct way to become a scientist in ISRO.

ISRO often select graduates and post-graduate engineers from IITs, NITs, and other prestigious government and private institutions.

It is advisable to possess a degree in courses that are more likely to be shortlisted for the consideration of the position of scientists.

B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Radio Engineering, and Engineering Physics are apt choices for pursuing a career in ISRO as a scientist.

At times, there will be a requirement of Electronic Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Developers in ISRO

Selection Procedure for becoming a scientist at ISRO

Attempting ICRB (Centralized Recruitment Bangalore) after completing B. Tech.

Candidates must have a marks percentage of 65% and above in in their respective Engineering field of study.

Testing of knowledge of candidates in their respective fields of engineering studied is carried out.

Successful candidates are intimated to appear for an Interview. Clearing interview with high scores will open up the doors to the career path as a scientist in ISRO.

Alternative ways to become a scientist in ISRO

Pursuing Postgraduate degree in engineering after B. Tech in streams such as Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing, Instrumentation, Applied Mathematics, Geophysics, Geography or any other equivalent degree in the field of Physics or Mathematics

After completing M. Tech in similar streams as mentioned above, one can apply directly for the position of a scientist in ISRO.

The selection procedure consists of a written exam and Interview

Another alternative to get absorbed in ISRO as a scientist is to become a junior research fellow in ISRO. This will ultimately enable them to research scientists and engineers.

Essential Skills for becoming a scientist in ISRO

The job of a scientist requires deep knowledge and a keen interest in solving tricky and difficult to solve problems.

Essential parameters for becoming a scientist in ISRO includes

  • In-depth Knowledge
  • Keen interest in this stream
  • Decision Making and problem-solving skills
  • Negotiating skills
  • Logical thinking and reasoning power
  • Patience and ability to meet the deadlines

We cannot expect that all the people who wanted to pursue this career must have inherited these qualities. It is important to understand the adequate skills inevitable to become a scientist in ISRO and hone one’s skills accordingly.

Academic excellence also plays a major role in deciding a candidate’s position as a scientist in ISRO

The risk factor of becoming a scientist in ISRO

The job as a scientist at ISRO is very demanding.

We do not have a plethora of organizations that work in the field of space explorations as the cost of the activities and projects carried out by them is very high.

The requirement of heavy funding also reduces the scope of a greater number of space researching organizations to gain root in our country.

Every country has around one or two such organizations

Organizations such as ISRO expect the most precise work from their employees as even the slightest of error may lead to the failure of a whole project in which a great deal of money was invested.

Hence it is essential to understand that the job of a Scientist would surely not be a ‘cake-walk’.

 The uncertainty in the case of working hours or lack of a fixed schedule also contributes to the risk hardships of a candidate who pursue a career as an ISRO Scientist

The novelty of becoming an ISRO Scientist

It is not an easy task to become and maintain oneself as an ISRO Scientist, but the urge to explore and challenge the vast possibilities of the universe from a greater perspective makes it one of the most glamourous jobs in the world.

Better salaries, incentives, and the job security offered by the position of an ISRO Scientist make it appealing to ambitious youth. 

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