Career in home science after 12th

Career in home science after 12th – The purpose of Home Science is to provide an insight into the creation of an environment that enables individuals to live a richer and more purposeful life.

Home science is an interdisciplinary field.

In other words, the Home science stream helps people to become future-ready and develop twenty-first-century life skills for livelihood and careers.

Home Science focuses on Five diverse areas. Details of them are given below.

  • Foods and Nutrition
  • Human development
  • Fabric and Apparel
  • Resource Management
  • Education and Extension

All these domains contribute to the study of individuals and the family set up based on social and cultural context.

It also provides ample scope for professional avenues of higher education and career opportunities.

They range from professions catering to various health and service institutions or agencies, educational organizations, industry and business houses of textiles, garments, food industry, teaching-learning materials, ergonomically appropriate equipment, and work situations.

Career Opportunities for Home Science Graduates

The career options after pursuing a home science course are provided below.

Resource ManagementManaging the home by organizing all the necessary resources effectively and economically is the focal point of Resource Management.
It ensures maximum work is done by spending minimum resources.
Teaching and ResearchIt is essential to pursue a master’s degree in home science, to become a home science teacher at the secondary level.
For the position of graduate-level lecturer, one must crack the UGC NET examination and for research positions, applicants must possess JRF (Junior Research Fellow) scores.
Service and Tourism IndustryThe courses in the home science discipline offer many opportunities in the tourism industry, tourist resorts, hotels, etc.
as an interior designer, cook, food analysts, catering agents, bakers as well as health care professionals.
Healthcare IndustryHealth Care Centers strive to provide guidance and support to the individuals to stay fit and active by balancing their diet and exercise and managing obesity-related conditions.
Home Science graduates who are well versed in areas such as adequate nutrition and physical education have good scope to start their own support centers for people with special nutritional requirements.
Sales JobsThere are tons of sales promotion jobs that Home Science graduates can grab during their pursuit of a career.
Jobs pertained to food products, baby foods, and instant cooking foodstuffs are open to home Science graduates who are interested in marketing-related jobs.
Food Production IndustryThe Food Production Industry provides various career options for home science experts.
The graduates can apply for the post of quality analysts, quality controllers, food analysts, and quality managers in food preservation departments, and food processing units.
Nutrition and DieteticsWith drastically changing food habits and lifestyles, the demand for dieticians is rapidly increasing in India.
Dieticians focus on individual requirements and suggest diet as per human physiology, calorie consumption ensuring apt food management.
Clothing and TextileThe textile industry give attention to fashion and fabric.
Home science experts could find job roles as textile designers or garment designers in this industry.

Benefits of pursuing Home Science discipline as a career choice.

  • It is a systematic study focusing on following certain laws and principles similar to other Science streams.
  • Laws and principles of Home Science are commonly applicable in practical life.
  • It is possible to effortlessly track the progress and development of children and help them to maintain a healthy routine.
  • Home science help learners to transform children into better citizens
  • Home science enables one to develop a tendency to care for old age people
  • It helps to maintain the home effectively by utilizing resources efficiently.

List of Job profiles related to home science and salary package associated with it

Job ProfileJob DescriptionSalary Estimate
Assistant DieticianMaintain the records or diet sheets of patient’s health details and provide advice to patients2. 2 to 2.5 Lakhs
Health InstructorProvide significant information regarding self-care of health1.5 to
1.8 Lakhs
Medical coderExamine the patient’s medical history and assign codes by assessing the health condition of patients3.0 to
3.5 Lakhs
Product ExecutiveDesigning progressive policies, organize functions or events, render value support, and extend technical tools for life skills research-related activities2.75 to 3.5 Lakhs
Healthcare counselorResolving queries by patients, improving relationships between individuals, maintain the accuracy of data, provide treatment to patients over the telephone, and organize meetings.2.0 to
2. 8Lakhs
Executive chef Managing the kitchen efficiently. Other main responsibilities include updating menu cards and the inclusion of nutritious food items.3.0 to 3.5 Lakhs

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Self Employment Opportunities for Home Science Experts

Self-employment is an appropriate career choice after studying home science. It is easy to become self-employed by setting up one’s own business endeavors by using their own skillsets and subject knowledge.

The major self-employment opportunities in the home science arena are provided below:

BoutiqueSetting up a boutique for the selection or construction of different garments of varying quality, designs and structure will be an easy task for people who have good knowledge in Home Science.
Confectionery and BakeryHome science graduates can start up their own bakery or confectionery by utilizing their creativity and innovative skills
Grooming CentersHome Science Experts are bound to have knowledge on skincare, body care, and hair care services which are generally provided at grooming centers.
These centers provide excellent services in grooming and makeovers.
CateringThe catering business is also a good idea after completing graduation in home science.
Catering skills enhances ones socializing and interaction related skills, improving relationships and promoting food services.
Day Care CentersThe Daycare centers are meant for children under the age of 12 whose parents are working.
Mothers who do not have adequate time to look after their children mainly depend upon these types of child care centers. Home science graduates can also start their own daycare center.
Hobby CentersHome Science graduates can also start their own hobby centers where training in different types of arts and handicrafts are provided.

so here we discuss Career in home science after 12th .

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