career in content writing

career in content writing – Individuals who create content for web-based usage is termed as content writers.

career in content writing

Recently the demand for content writers is skyrocketed.

With the advent of Covid-19, the unexpected pandemic opportunities for content writers to work from home also got intensified.

There are various types of content writers who largely focus on genres such as academic writing, Health and wellness, creative writing and Technical writing.

They usually write articles, Landing pages for websites, blog posts, and reviews.

An excellent content writer will be dedicated to creating high-quality content for the organization with which he is associated.

The content created by the content writers is expected to be unique, impeccable, free from plagiarism, and highly engaging to the target audience.

Freelance jobs

Freelance jobs are types of jobs where individuals work for themselves.

They take up contract-based works for companies and organizations.

Freelance content writing

A freelance content writer is a self-employed person.

Freelance content writers set their own schedule, take up content writing projects, and work accordingly.

They can work for more than one domain at a time and get paid for their write-ups.

Freelance content writing is a career in demand nowadays

Eligibility to become a Content Writer

There are no specific eligibility criteria to become a successful content writer. 

Some of the general qualifications an individual must possess to become a content writer are as follows.

Individuals holding a Bachelor’s degree or a Master degree in Journalism or literature are eligible to apply for the position of a content writer

Other specializations in the field of digital marketing and management are also attaining wide recognition nowadays.

The person applying for the position of a content writer must possess excellent language skills, especially writing skills and communication skills.

People who are passionate about writing and possess superior storytelling skills through their words are apt for content writing positions.

It is inevitable to have a basic awareness of concepts such as Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, and Web analytics to thrive in a content writing career.

Individuals who are ready to take up responsibilities and are comfortable 98to work under tight deadlines are always preferred in the field of content writing.

Pros of becoming a content writer

Flexible Schedule

Lack of a fixed schedule will help the individuals to manage the workload efficiently.

It is possible to alter the working hours according to their attitudes and priorities.

Better income with less third-party interference

It is possible to avoid the mediators and work directly for the clients.

This reduces the stratification of money into various levels and increases transparency in terms of remuneration and payment.

Possibilities of remote work

It is possible to enjoy the freedom of work from virtually anywhere in the world. A computer or laptop with a stable internet connection is the sole requirement to start working on content writing projects

Exposure to a great deal of diversity in terms of knowledge

A content writer will come into various clients who belong to various realms of society.

This will enrich his/her knowledge level and will help him/her to have a grip on the concepts with which they are dealing.

Significant improvement in writing skills

As a content writer proceeds from one project to another, his/her writing skills are also bound to improve.

Adapting to the requirements of the target audience makes the content writer capable of crafting good content that will ultimately lead to an improvement in writing skills.

Cons of becoming a content writer

Cut throat Competition

There would be a great deal of competition in the field of content writing. It is important to be consistent in your attitude and work to succeed in this field.

Uncertainty of work

It is not possible to have a clear-cut idea about the availability of long-term projects in content writing. It is vital to actively look for new assignments and be consistent in work.

Issues with Time Management

Good time management is essential to complete the projects at hand on time. As there is no fixed schedule, content writers tend to manage time ineffectively and this approach later leads to a last-minute rush in completing projects.

Lack of professional support

Content writers are not expected to be guided by anyone. They are their own masters. There will not be anyone to render them any professional support.

Business-oriented approach

Content writers are supposed to be business-oriented. They are not expected to unleash their creativity and are inclined towards a systematic pattern that is oriented towards business strategies.

Restraints in research time

Certain organizations will ask content writers to write with a certain word limit and also, they will set a specific deadline to complete this task. This will cap the research time of content writers.


It is probable to invest extra hours on the same project due to the fear of missing out on important points. This makes content writing a more time-consuming task.

Health problems

Content writers have to sit in front of computers for long hours. This may eventually lead to health issues such as eye problems and body strains.

Benefits of content writing jobs for homemakers/Girls

  • Work from the comfort of their home
  • No need for uniform
  • Revenue generating source
  • It is possible to express their writing skills
  • They can stand independently, without depending on others for their daily necessities.
  • They will get good exposure to writing-related arenas.
  • Job satisfaction.

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