Best ITI Courses

Best ITI Courses – Many students will experience a dilemma for the first time about further career options after completing their class 10 board exams.

Best ITI Courses

There are many career options available for them out of which, pursuing ITI courses is considered to be an ideal choice for them.

Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), which are government-run training organizations, offer training that helps students in attaining vocational training and expanding their hands-on training experience.

There are many job-oriented ITI courses provided at ITIs.

Here are the top 30 ITI courses one can pursue after the successful completion of class 10.

1)ITI course in Welding

This trade deals with welding and its related areas.

The training program of welder covers topics such as efficient handling of welding equipment, various welding related practices, and techniques and safety measures one must ensure while handling welding equipment.

After completing this vocational training program, anyone can become a welder and start working at different industrial based arenas that involve welding work.

There is a high demand for welders in areas pertained to oil and gas, steelworks, manufacturing units, and even construction sites. 

2)ITI course for Wireman

This ITI course deals with the scope of wireman training and its allied areas.

The training program essentially covers topics such as electricity, teasing and repairing of relevant equipment, safety measures one should adopt while working with electricity, Hands-on training on how to do wiring, concepts such as electromagnetism and metal conductivity.

After completing this course, anyone can easily find work under government or private based organizations such as electricity board, railways, Public sector undertakings, and other electrical manufacturing firms.

Self-employment is also pursuable after completing this course.

3)ITI course for Fitter Best ITI Courses

Fitter ITI Course deals with various prospects related to assembling and dismantling of tools such as assembling metal parts of machines, operating or repairing a, handling varieties of tools, installing or assembling a machine or mechanical system.

In short, a fitter is capable of installing, fitting, repairing, servicing, and fabricating machinery items or mechanical systems.

After completing this course, students will be able to handle various aspects pertained to machinery items and mechanisms such as tools, components, Planning, and design analysis.

4)ITI course for Motor Vehicle Mechanic

There are different types of vehicles available in the market nowadays.

A motor vehicle mechanic is capable of repairing, scrutinizing, and assembling a motor vehicle. The Motor Vehicle Mechanic course covers topics such as parts and components of an engine, assembling parts, and the detailed description of the working of a motorcycle.

Motor vehicle mechanics are specialized in specific types of vehicles such as two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and heavy vehicles.  

5)ITI course for Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Mechanic

This course is otherwise known as RAC mechanic. This course deals with repairing refrigerators and air conditioners.

Students who complete this course will be able to repair, assemble, and install air conditioners and refrigeration systems.

The course deals with the difference between consumer AC and refrigeration systems, industrial RAC systems, compressors, wiring and installation techniques, and effective repairing methods.

6)ITI course in Plumbing Best ITI Courses

This course is designed for students who are interested in plumbing.

A plumber deals with installing, inspecting, and maintaining plumbing systems. Plumbing systems are used for domestic purposes such as carrying water to houses and offices.

They are also used to transport oil and gas.

ITI course on plumbing deals with topics such as installing, maintaining, repairing, and inspecting plumbing systems and ensure their smooth functioning.

7)ITI course for Electrician

ITI course of Electrician deals with concepts such as electricity, electrical equipment, safety measures, and practical knowledge. It is one of the most popular ITI trades in India.

After completing this course, students can start working for the government, private, or even public sector undertakings.

Inspecting and maintain domestic wiring setup can be easily done by an electrician.

After completing this course, one can find job opportunities in various PSUs, Indian Railways, and State electricity boards. 

8)ITI course for Machinist Grinder

The ITI course for grinding deals with the processes carried out to finish workpieces.

After completing this course, you will be able to use CNC or other machine tools to carry out grinding work.

This ITI trade deals with topics such as – smoothing, grinding, polishing, and finishing metal objects.

9)ITI course for Tool and Die Maker

Tool and die maker course is very popular in India.

A tool and die maker uses mechanical equipment or computer-controlled equipment to create metal parts, tools, and instruments.

This ITI course covers topics such as metalworking skills, hot-working of metals, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, engineering drawing, and others.

A tool and die maker may test and even apply changes for a workpiece.

10)ITI course in Mechanic Electronics

This ITI COURSE deals with assembling, inspecting, and repairing electronic equipment.

The ITI course covers topics such as electronic equipment used in day-to-day life, their components, Integrated Circuits, and their repair techniques and practices.

This course provides opportunities for students to embrace self-employment as well as to work under Government or private organizations.

11)ITI course in Instrument Mechanic

This is a 2-year course where students will get exposure to ideas related to assembling and working of instruments.

Classes comprise of both practical and theory sessions.

When it comes to career scope, students will get placements as a machine mechanic, assistant mechanic, instrument technician, and instrumentation technician.

12) ITI course in Sheet Metal Worker

A sheet metal worker is inextricably linked with the building development industry.

This course encompasses various topics such as cooling channel frameworks, siding, fabrication works, and rooftops.

The construction industry provides adequate job opportunities to students who complete the course of sheet metal workers.

13) ITI course in Radio and TV Mechanic

The employment opportunities are plenty after completing this course.

One will find opportunities in television and radio-manufacturing companies and refurbishing firms besides government undertaking.

Students can also consider self-employment after completing this course.

14)ITI course in Mechanic Medical Electronics

This ITI course provides basic requirements for students who are interested to pursue higher studies related to medical electronics.

After pursuing this course, one will get career options such as a biomedical equipment technician, medical equipment repairer, and network analyst.

15)ITI course in Laboratory Assistant of Chemical Plant

This is a very popular ITI course which also offers higher pay.

This course incorporates both practical as well as theory sessions.

The positions involved after completing this course is research associate, Research and Development, and laboratory analyst.

16)ITI course in Horticulture

This ITI course involves cultivating and managing the horticulture plants of the better breed.

It is an agriculture plant cultivation course detailing various techniques adopted in the cultivation of various fruit and vegetables.

This course also provides an insight into soil fertility and effective soil management techniques.

17)ITI course in Draughtsman (Civil)

ITI course for Draughtsman is one of the best vocational courses that are meant for students who are having an interest in drawing.

This course is also known as the Drafter course. In this course, students learn to prepare drafts of various types of buildings and other structures.

Hence, they could efficiently present their ideas based on their drafts.

18)ITI course in Draughtsman (Mechanical)

This ITI course will enable students to get an idea about the basic concepts involved in draughtsman.

Students who complete this course will be able to perform in areas such as planning and designing and executing designs.

Junior technical assistant, an Auto cad draughtsman, draughtsman piping, and structural draughtsman are some of the job opportunities students can pursue after completing this course.

19)ITI course in Building Maintenance

This ITI course helps the students to understand the basic concept of repairing and maintaining residential buildings.

Details of concepts such as painting, roofing, installation, and drywall which are directly linked to building maintenance are included in this course. 

20)ITI course in Architectural Assistant

This ITI course discusses various tasks involved in working as an architectural assistant such as drawing, designing, planning, and other engineering tasks.

This course is professional in orientation.

Tasks such as interior designing, site supervising, and the architectural technician come under this course.

21)ITI course in Data Entry 

This ITI course familiarizes students with data entry, computer skills, and typing speed.

The main aim of this program is to familiarize students with computers and data entry.

Computer literacy helps students to get in touch with the outer world.

Nowadays most of us are depending on computers and this course will help students to perform well digitally

22) ITI course in Office Automation

Office Automation is the process of using computer machinery and software to create, store, and manipulate digital databases.

Office automation helps workers to complete their tasks more efficiently.

This course gives students an insight into the usage of MS office packages and similar software.

They will also get a lot of information on operating systems, Multimedia, and Computer networks.

23) ITI course in ITI Course in Pump Operator cum Mechanic

This course focus on dismantling and repairing pumps, correcting misalignment of pump shafts and slippage using hand tools, and taking care of lubrication of pump machinery.

24)ITI course in Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance

ITI course in Information Technology and Electronic System Maintenance enables students to manage and operate IT and electronic systems in a professional manner.

Indian manufacturing units and industries are in search of well-trained IT and Electronic system maintenance professionals.

25)ITI course in Secretarial Practice

A course in Secretarial Practice from ITI institute is ideal for anyone searching for jobs such as office assistants.

Certified professionals who complete ITI course in secretary practice are directly eligible for secretary positions in companies.

Skills pertained to office administration and business communication are taught in this course.

26)ITI course in Digital Photography Best ITI Courses

This course is meant for students who are interested in photography.

The content of the course includes techniques to employ while taking photographs using DSLR and SLR cameras, how to handle them properly, and detailed information regarding photography editing software, video production methods, and shooting techniques.

27)ITI course in Desk Top Publishing

ITI course in Desk Top Publishing is designed to help the students to acquire the latest information related to software technologies in publishing.

It is one of the most popular ITI courses which allows students to have a good career in publishing firms and related industries.

28)ITI course in Interior Decoration and Designing

ITI course in Interior Designing and Decoration is designed to bring out the creativity in students.

This course gives an in-depth knowledge about the concepts related to interior designing, utilization of space according to the aesthetic sense, and creativity in designs.

29)ITI course in Bakery and Confectionery

ITI course in bakery and confectionery gives students a comprehensive idea about bakery and confectionery process such as baking skills.

Students who complete this course have a good scope to start their own bakery and become entrepreneurs.

30)ITI course in Network Technician

This ITI course focuses on building and troubleshooting computer network problems like setting up a router, analyzing connection problems, troubleshooting network issues, and network topology.

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