Best Government Job For Women In India 2022

Best Government Jobs for Women

Best Government Job For Women In India 2022 – hello and welcome to

Today we are going to discuss in detail the best government jobs for women.

 first of all, We will know why to choose a government job.

 Here I am giving Few benefits of government jobs if you are joining it.

  1.   future security
  2.   very low working  pressure
  3.   higher salary comparing two private jobs
  4.   Maternity Benefit
  5.   leave facility
  6.   You will be a part of a part of system or government or any organisation, everyone respect you.
  7.   last but not least,  you will be self-dependent.

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list of Government jobs for women

Here i am lisiting out few best jobs for gils in india. these job will give you satisfaction as well as good career progretion.

  1.  Teaching
  2.  Doctor/ Nurse
  3.  Civil services through UPSC or any state civil services  IAS IPS IFS
  4.  Bank PO job/ banking sector job/ job in  LIC
  5.  Defence sector through NDA or CDS or AFCAT
  6. Class A job in various PSU company

Teaching (Best Government Job For Women)


if you are joining as a teacher in government jobs, you will get enormous benefits.  there are various types of teachers like

  • primary teacher
  • junior teacher
  • trained graduate teacher
  • post graduate teacher
  • assistant professor
  • Professor

If you are joining as a teacher in any grade means if You become a junior teacher then also you will have a great life and a great benefit you will enjoy.

Doesn’t matter what type of teachers YOU become, only one thing matters you become a teacher in government, that’s it.

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Doctor / Nurse

If you are joining the government as a government doctor or a government nurse then you will have a simple life,  in India doctors are next to God so you will get some amount of respect.  as well as a responsibility to serve the common people.

you will get the chance of serving the nation through your knowledge and you will get the chance of giving life to the human.

If you want to become a doctor then do class 12th in physics chemistry biology then afterwards do MBBS or any nursing courses.

in the regular interval government announced the vacancy for doctors as well as nursing staff, then fill up online and give written examinations or interviews.

Civil services


Now we will talk about the civil services for women.

This govt jobs is for female graduates.

If you are enjoying civil services through UPSC it means you are joining India’s number one government job in the government sector.

class A job in any stream or any government job if you are a woman then you are not going to any face problem.

When you cleared the UPSC exam then go for your training at Lal Bahadur Shastri St Mussoorie  Uttarakhand, after the training, you will get posted.

If you become  IPS  then you will have a great life you can serve  Police Service up to the rank of DIG.

Here  I am listing down the few names who earn their name through this service – 

  • IAS Armstrong Pame
  • IAS Smita Sabharwal
  • IAS Ashok Khemka 
  • IAS Durga Shakti Nagpal
  • IAS Vinod Rai
  • IAS Deepak Rawat

Banking Sector Job/ LIC (Best Government Job For Women)

Now I am talking about the banking sector, this sector is very famous for girls.

If you go to into any Bank branches then you will see if there is a total 05 people working in a bank then at least one or two girls will be there.

Means in the banking sector around 20% girlS are working.

Many girls join this field due to various benefits in this job, you will work 9 to 5 and go to your home and sleep well no any external pressure.  and many facilities are provided by like Maternity Benefit paid leave etc…

Defence sector job

Now I am going to talk about the job in the defence sector for girls. 

In August 2021 Supreme Court orders the central government to enable the girl’s candidate in the NDA exam. 

It means there are many chances have been increased for a woman to join the defence forces as an officer,  CDS or AFCAT etc… was the option to join defence forces, but now NDA has been opened for girls candidates.

Due to this girls get more chances to get into the defence job.

There are various benefits in the defence jobs for girls like –  retirement pension,  Maternity Benefit,  use respect in society,  no working pressure or external pressure,  nice salary, etc …

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PSU Jobs

If you are joining the PSU  then you will also have a great career because a PSU job is as good as in government job,  so I think there is no difference if your joining a PSU or a government organisation

  I am listing the PSU is your joining then you will have a great life- 

  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.
  • ONGC Ltd
  • NTPC Ltd
  • Coal India Ltd.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Power Finance Corporation Ltd.
  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.
  • Gail (India) Ltd.

So in the above article, we discuss in every detail the best government jobs available for women in India,  if you have any query just comment below. thank you for being with us.


Q. Which is the best job gor girls in india?

Ans . Teaching

Q. what is the highest salary for girls in gov jobs?

Ans . basic pay 56100/-