best courses after 12th science

best courses after 12th science

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Here I am going to discuss in very detail the best BSc courses after 12th science. After passing out class 12 there is huge pressure over the student as well as their parents to choose out the correct stream.

I will help out you to choose the best BSc courses after class 12th science,  when I say science it means there are separate BSc courses for students who pass out class 12th from bio stream and others who pass out class 12th exam from maths stream.

There are few common BSc courses after class 12th Biology or Mathematics, I will list out all of the BSc courses which are common for maths and Biology background students.

Here I will also describe why to take admission in BSC courses after 12th science, what is its benefit and what is the scope of Bsc courses after 12th science, and what will be job opportunities in BSc after 12th science.

BSC means Bachelor in science,  Bachelor of Science means you are going in the depth of science, what stream you took in your BSC for example if you take chemistry, it means you are going to become a chemistry scholar, your concept regarding Chemistry will be very clear, if you choose further in the research field in chemistry, like you did MSc in chemistry after that PhD then you will be the topmost scholar in your field.

BSc course is the conceptual study of a particular subject

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List of the best BSc courses after class 12th science

Here I am listing out the best BSc courses after class 12th science.

  1. BSc in Physics
  2. BSc in chemistry
  3. BSc in maths
  4. BSc in filmmaking
  5. BSC information technology
  6. BSc in in function in designing
  7. BSc in Food Science
  8. BSC in animation
  9. basin computer application
  10. BSc aquaculture
  11. BSc in animation
  12. BSc in botany
  13. BSC biotechnology
  14. BC Zoology
  15. BSc Clinical Research and Healthcare management
  16. BSc microbiology
  17. BSc nursing
  18. BSc physiotherapy
  19. BSc radiology
  20. BSc bioinformatics
  21. BSc nutrition and dietetics
  22. BSc anaesthesia
  23. BSC psychology
  24. BSc IT
  25. BSc computer science
  26. Bsc agriculture
  27. BSc horticulture
  28. BSc Food Technology
  29. BSc microbiology
  30. BSc forestry
  31. BSc hospitality and Management
  32. BSC Hotel Management
  33. BSc forensic science
  34. BSc gaming
  35. BSc statistics
  36. BSc electronics
  37. BSc biochemistry
  38. BCG BSc geography
  39. BSc economics
  40. BSc environmental science
  41. BSC data science
  42. BSC physical science
  43. BSC anthropology
  44. BSc genetics
  45. BSc nutrition
  46. BSc home science
  47. BSC multimedia
  48. BSC fire safety and hazard management
  49. BSc Aeronautical science
  50. BSC photography
  51. BSc Finance
  52. BSc physics
  53. BSc anatomy
  54. BSc Mass Communication
  55. BSc Astrophysics

BSc courses after class 12th science biology

Here I am listing out the best BSc courses after class 12th science biology stream.

  • BSc in botany
  • BSC biotechnology
  • BC Zoology
  • BSc Clinical Research and Healthcare management
  • BSc microbiology
  • BSc nursing
  • BSc physiotherapy
  • BSc radiology
  • BSc bioinformatics
  • BSc nutrition and dietetics
  • BSc anaesthesia
  • BSc biochemistry
  • BSc genetics
  • BSc nutrition
  • BSc home science

Scope and Career in BSc courses

Now I will talk about the scope and career in BSc courses– 

After completing a BSc in the subject which you like, it means your concept regarding that particular subject are very clear, if you required money for continuing your study then you can go for tuition Teaching, you can teach the student of class 10th 11th 12th level.

If there is no crisis of money then you can continue your study, as you can do MSc.

After completing your BSc you can give various government exams like UPSC, state civil services, SSC CGL, banking exams, DRDO exams, and Many more.

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Futuristic BSc courses 

Here I will list out all those  BSC courses which are Booming right now and these BSc courses will have a great future, and you can get a nice salary after completing these courses.

  •  BSc nursing
  •  BSc in animation
  •  BSc in biotechnology
  •  BSC Computer Science
  •  BSC gaming
  •  BSc data science

 scope of Bsc courses in the field of research- 

 I will recommend it. in fact, I will highly recommend that you must go for research field complete your MSc in your chosen subject after that go for a PhD and go for research in your favourite topic.

Career in Teaching After BSC

 I would like to recommend you one more scope of this degree complete your BSc then after MSc and appear for the NET exam if you clear NET exam then you will be able to teach Like A assistant professor in a degree college.


Question.  which BSc course is best?

Answer.  it totally depends upon your interest, each BSc course has Great potential.  first, find out your interest then after choose your subject in BSC and do it.   after completing your BSc you will realise that you have deep knowledge of that particular subject. when you have the knowledge you can grow up very easily.

Question.  which is the best BSc course that provides a high salary?

Answer.   here I am resting out few BSc courses which will provide you high salary just after completing your course-  BSc in animation, BSc in multimedia, BSc in computer science, etc.

Question.  what is the full form of BSc?

 Answer.  Bachelor of science.