AIATSL Ramp Driver Utility Agent Syllabus

 AIATSL Ramp Driver Utility Agent Syllabus, here we will discuss the detailed syllabus and exam pattern of the Ramp Driver Utility Agent.  also, you will know what is the job responsibility of a Ramp Driver Utility Agent

first I would like to tell you that these posts is on a contract basis these are not a permanent job,  but at the starting and you can try it and make your career if your job gets satisfactory then you may get the extension also.

AIATSL Ramp Driver Utility Agent Syllabus

 First Things First let’s discuss the important details of this exam, 

Ramp Driver Utility Agent
Exam pattern and syllabus 
(a) Trade Test comprise of Trade Knowledge and Driving test including Driving Test of HMV. 
Those passing the Trade Test alone will be sent for screening. (b) Screening

See below for details on syllabus and exam pattern
Utility Agent cum Ramp Driver Qualifications SSC /10th Standard Pass.
Must Carry Original Valid HMV Driving License at the time of appearing for trade test.
Salary in INR Per Month19350 
Upper Age Limit* GEN: 28 Years OBC: 31 Years SC/ST: 33 Years  
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Ramp Driver Utility Agent syllabus

 there is two-stage selection procedure for the Ramp Driver Utility Agent.

  1.  the driving test of HMV vehicle
  2.  screening test
  •  now we will have a look over the driving test or skill test,  as you know you are applying forRamp Driver Utility Agent,  it means you have to drive any types of vehicle which are used in the airport like buses, cars, cargo loader,  mechanical weightlifter etc.
  • They will test your driving skills of heavy vehicles.  when you pass the skill test means when you pass the driving test they will send you for screening.
  •  in the screening there will be only document check means you have to show your all documents in original copy.
  •  there is nothing else in the selection of Ramp Driver Utility Agent.

job role of Ramp Driver Utility Agent.

 mainly you have to drive the vehicle like buses or  aircraft towing  vehicle,  external supply vehicle,  for any other vehicle which are used in the airport.

 as you know this is contact with vecancy II if your job becomes satisfactory then you can continue otherwise you can leave this job.  but experience matter the experience of this job will help you to get another job in other Airlines also.

 so this is very good opportunity if you have the driving skill of hmv , Apply for this post.

 for this post there is fixed salary for contract basis vacancies-  you will get this much 19350/m amount on monthly basis,  no other allowance will be given To  to this post on contract basis.

 so finally I would like to say,  if you don’t have any other opportunity then go for it and have experience,  when your contract getting over then you can apply for other Airlines and you can make your career.  if you didn’t apply for this post you will not get any experience in the future you may have trouble because you have lost experience, in this field experience matter very well, so I would like to suggest go for it and best of luck for your career.

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frequently asked question

Question.  is there any written exam in  Ramp Driver Utility Agent ?

Answer.  no there is no written exam.

Question.  what is the essential educational qualification for the post of Ramp Driver Utility Agent ?

Answer.  class 10th pass and must have HMV licence.

Question.  what is the job role of the Ramp Driver Utility Agent?

Answer.  the main role of the Ramp driver utility agent is to drive heavy vehicles like buses auxiliary power units loading of loading vehicle,  Airport taxi etc.

Question.  what is the exam pattern of Ramp driver utility agent?

Answer.  first of all there will be a driving test where you have to drive the vehicle, after vehicle test you have to go for screening test in the screening test all your document will be verified.

 Question.  what is the salary of Ramp Driver Utility Agent ?

Answer.  you will get monthly salary 19350/M .  and other than this you will not get any kind of allowance this is fixed salary because currently these jobs on contract basis when you become permanent then other than this salary you will get allowances also by which  your salary will hike.