A career in podcasting in India

career in podcasting in India

A career in podcasting in India

What is a podcast?

A podcast can be simply defined as an audio file that is digitally recorded and is usually introduced as a series of episodes on various topics of interest.

Podcasts are gaining importance day by day and a vast number of users utilize the benefit of podcasts and use them to gain knowledge and as a medium of entertainment.

One of the highlighting features of Podcasts is that most of them are available to download for free. Individuals can download them free of cost and they could transfer these podcasts to other media devices such as iPods and mobile phones.

Once you download a podcast, then you could listen to it offline, without getting connected to the internet.

How to start your podcast?

It is not very difficult to start your podcast. It is not mandatory to be a techie in this field to start a podcast. Identifying the exact process and implementing it effectively is all that matters.

Some of the usual procedures to be followed while starting one’s podcast are listed below.

  • Decide your niche. Decide on what topic you are going to make the podcast.
  • The podcast must be original so that you will get more audience.
  • Fix the approximate podcast length for each episode
  • Choose a suitable name that will attract your audience
  • Come up with a creative logo and description
  • The space of recording must be good enough to produce a quality podcast
  • Use a good quality microphone, mixer, and laptop to record and edit podcasts
  • Make sure that you have installed recording software such as Audacity to make the recording more professional.
  • Usage of noise-canceling headphones is also advisable.
  • Choose a suitable place to host your podcast
  • Set the recorded version of the podcast which is in MP3 format to RSS Feed, whichenables the podcaster to distribute the podcast for downloading and streaming through any devices.

Top 20 Podcasters in India

Podcasting is a lucrative career option and many people are making a fortune from the same. Here is the list of the top 20 podcasters in India along with the details of their popular podcasts and a short description of the same.

Name of the podcasterName of the podcast
Amit VarmaThe seen and the unseen
Sanjay ManaktalaThe Birdy Num Num
Nidhi RazdanThe Big Fight
Neil PatelThe Indian Startup Show
Anupam GuptaPaisa Vaisa
Shashank Bhargava and Snigdha SharmaThree Things
Deepak JayaramanPlay to Potential Podcast
Tanmay Bhat and Gursimranjeet KhambaAll India Bakchod
Aakash MehtaVarta Lab
Sahil HoraneIndian Comedy Podcast with Sahil Horane
Milan VaishnavGrand Thamasha
Aakash Chopra#AakashVani
Anupama ChopraAnupama Chopra Film Review
Nikesh MuraliIndian Noir
Kunal and MithilaInside Line F1 Podcast
Sameer GoswamiKahani Suno
Deepak JayaramanPlay to Potential
RaunacRed FM Bauaa
Sujith NairEditorial with Sujith Nair
Rohith KhannaYeh Jo India Hai Nahi

Ways of earning from podcasts

It will be interesting to note that a popular podcaster earns around 10 lakhs to 30 lakhs per year. There is no limit in earning from podcasts as far as the originality of the content and the level of engagement is ensured.

There are certain ways through which podcasts can act as a better source of income. Some of them are discussed below.

Affiliate Marketing: Getting yourself affiliated with various programs and sharing their links in your podcasting platforms and earning commission is one way of making money through podcasts.

Advertisements: Joining hands with local advertisers and sharing your podcasting platform to showcase the advertisements of their products and services can also help you to earn money.

Sponsorships: Various sponsors are ready to join hands with you and pay you adequate money according to the number of listeners for your podcasts. To gain such sponsors, you need to have an enlarged follower circle or audience base.

Donations: Donations are one of the most significant earning methods for podcasters. Many people provide donations for podcasters as per their liking towards the podcasts they created.

How to follow your passion through podcasts?

If you are someone who could interestingly engage listeners, if you are a good storyteller or if you can weave interesting facts and stories in front of your audience with dexterity, then podcasting is your ‘cup of tea’. If you are passionate about sharing interesting stories through podcasts, then you will be able to make your passion a great profession.

It is also possible to follow your passion through various podcasts that are available for downloading and listening to. There will be podcasts on diverse topics and listeners can choose according to their aptitude and listen to them. An abundance of quality podcasts makes this process hassle-free.

Pros and Cons of Podcasting

Just like the two sides of a coin, there are advantages and disadvantages to podcasting. Pros are always more than cons for podcasting. Some of them are listed below.

Pros of Podcasting

  • Convenience in usage
  • Easy to create, download and share
  • Plenitude of choices
  • Could listen to the podcast anytime, anywhere.
  • Largest information sharing platform
  • Act as a source of income
  • Increases the scope of business

Cons of Podcasting

  • Making a large audience pool is a difficult task.
  • Creating Quality content is time-consuming and challenging.
  • Choosing variety in content is mandatory.
  • Accessibility issues for people with slow internet connection.
  • Copyright issues may occur.
  • Not sortable or searchable.

Which is much better? Podcaster or YouTuber or Blogger?

All these three career options are unique in their way. All of these careers demand creativity and dedication towards creating unique and interesting content.

Podcasting goes along with the concept of creating and sharing quality content. It is easy to download and transfer content from podcast hosting apps and websites.

Blogging usually highlights the notion of expressing one’s creativity through writing. YouTube videos are educating as well as entertaining in nature.

Hence, each of these career options is significant in its way. One of the benefits of YouTube over the other two career choices is that being visually appealing, it reaches a larger audience circle.


Which are the popular podcasting platforms?

iTunes, Spreaker, Google podcasts, spotify and TuneIn.

Are podcasts free to listen and download?

Most of the podcasts are free to download and listen. All you need is an android phone or laptop with internet connectivity.

Is it possible to make money from podcasts?

Yes, It is possible to make money from podcasts. The audience base, quality and originality of content decides the amount of money you could make through podcasts.

Which are the best made in India podcast apps popular among Indians?

Headfone, Khabri, Aawaz.com, Hubhopper and Castbox

What is the main benefit of podcasts?

Podcasts allow individuals to create an intimate connection with the audience or listeners.

Why is it necessary to opt for paid version of Podcasting platforms like spotify?

Most of the podcasting platforms like Spotify host free podcasts for a particular time period, say 90 days. After that, those podcasts automatically get erased. That is why paid version is always preferable for podcast hosting.

So here we discuss A career in podcasting in India.