A Career in Online Teaching

A Career in Online Teaching

A Career in Online Teaching
We are living in a world that is constantly changing and with the advent of Covid-19, we are facing an unexpected crisis in this pandemic era.

With lockdown and social distancing procedures, we are trapped inside our houses and every aspect of our life is under various insecurities.

as you know if you are in teaching field then the online teaching is booming right now and this is an opportunity for the educator when online teaching was not so popular then the educator’s were Limited to a number of a student only now you know it, I don’t have to tell.

the basic things required for online teaching you must have a good internet connection and a laptop to record your video for teaching online if you want to to create screen recording video and then you must have a pen tablet

 this technical stuff you must have

 the pen tablet will not cost too much at the start you can buy around 5000 rupees and for a laptop, you don’t need to buy any gaming laptop you can start with 30000 rupees laptop or at the starting you may also purchase a second hand

 and for internet connection around 300 rupees you will get whole month around 2GB data per day

 you may also purchase a white board or a digital board or a projector for more good Ud digital content

 whatever you can afford you can start with them

 online teaching is the future of teaching and the educator who has good teaching quality will rock the world you may have to listen to some teacher’s name like cancer Khan sir. Rakesh Yadav sir ,Vikas Divya Kirti sir, and many more features teachers

 I would like to tell one more plus point there is no requirement of degree if you have the knowledge you can start with it

We are facing a ‘new normal’ and even our traditional professional setups are giving way to virtual operations.
One such profession which gained great attention in the present scenario is online teaching.

In India, Online teaching was not having wide acceptance until the pandemic struck our basic rubrics. Currently, many are making a fortune with online teaching.

More than monetary benefits, Online teaching helps students and teachers to keep a balance in teaching methodologies and completing the academic curriculum.

Now, as we are embracing the ‘new normal’, anyone residing in any part of this world could stay connected and utilize the scope of online teaching and learning.

How to start online teaching in India?

It is not a difficult task to start teaching online for anyone who possesses excellent subject knowledge.

If you have adequate subject knowledge and possess good presentation skills then you could also try your luck in online teaching.

Working knowledge of computers and the internet is an added advantage for it will help the teacher to take online sessions effortlessly. There are no specific criteria for starting online tutoring in India.

If you are confident that you could engage your students well through online classes, you can pursue a career in Online Teaching.

How can I teach online and get paid?

There are so many opportunities for individuals who are skilled and experienced in the field of online teaching.

Many online-based educational startups such as unacademy and Vedantu provide online teaching platforms for passionate teachers to utilize their skills and add up their source of income along with the reputation of online teachers.

Payment of online teachers differs with the institution/organization/startup to which they are associated.

Some online teachers are get paid hourly while some others are getting monthly payments.

Experience in taking classes using applications such as zoom and google meet will place you in the front row of the tech-skilled online tutors.

Acquiring skills needed for handling online classes smoothly is one of the most important parameters needed for anyone who targets a successful career in online teaching.

The educational degree requirement for online teaching

There are no prescribed educational qualification criteria for online teaching. It depends on the organization for which we work as an online tutor. We are free to do online teaching without depending on any online-based teaching platforms.

If you are interested, you may start your own online teaching institutes. This will give you flexibility in fixing your own schedule and work according to your priorities and preferences. It is also a good source of additional income.

If you have sufficient skills to cater to the demands posed by online teaching communities, then educational qualification will not be an obstacle in pursuing online teaching jobs. In most cases, employers do prefer to hire graduates or postgraduates in relevant fields to their pool of online teachers.

Salary in online teaching

The salary of online teachers differs from one to another due to various reasons. Some of the yardsticks that affect the salary of online tutors are given below.

  1. Subject handled by the teacher
  2. Experience
  3. Language competence
  4. Personality and presentation skills
  5. Organization in which the teacher is working
  6. Target Audience
  7. Skills possessed by the teacher
  8. Type of work (Part-time or Full time)
  9. Hours spend per day
  10. The popularity of educational platforms.
  11. On average, an online teacher receives payment of INR 500 to INR 2000 per hour.

Future of online teaching in India

The significance of online teaching is increasing in India day by day and right from academic tuitions and Spoken English sessions and more people are utilizing the scope and benefits of online teaching simply by sitting in the comforts of their own homes.

The popularity of online-based educational start-ups is on rising and in near future, the feasibility of online teaching is going to revamp the educational sector of India.

Skilled Online teachers will be in high demand and they will be entitled to a lucrative salary structure.

Top 10 Online Teaching Platforms in India.

  1. Vedantu
  2. Unacdemy
  3. Byju’s
  4. Udemy
  5. Coursera
  6. Skillshare
  7. Educomp Solutions
  8. Adda247
  9. Gradeup
  10. 90 Plus Mytuition App
  11. make your own youtube channel
Q. What is the main benefit of Online Teaching?

Ans .One may teach from the comfort of his/her home.

Q. What are the prerequisite of Online Teaching?

Ans . A computer or Smartphone with active internet connection along with a skilled online teacher having subject expertise.

Q. Is Online Teaching a suitable career choice for women?

Ans .Yes, Women can work by staying in their homes and they can teach in flexible hours.

Q. Does online teaching opportunities provides scope for self employability?

Ans. Yes, Many individuals start their own online teaching institutes nowadays.

Q. how much mony you can earn by online teaching?

Ans . 40,000/M