A Career in Indian Navy

Career in Indian Navy

A Career in Indian Navy

A career in Indian Navy is adventurous as well as engaging for aspirants who dream of getting inducted into the navy section of the Indian defence mechanism.

Indian Navy not only provides opportunities to safeguard our nation from outside threats through water but also facilitates working along with a dynamic team whose life is inevitably linked with ships and seas.

Let us probe in detail the career prospects put forward by the Indian Navy for youngsters of India.

Career roles of Indian Navy can be broadly divided in to two sections. The details of them are given below

 Career in Indian Navy
  • Officer
  • Sailor
Job RoleSelectionType of Entry
Entry of an Officer in Indian NavyPermanent Commission, Short Service CommissionUnion Public Service Commission (UPSC) Entries  
Direct Entry: Permanent Commission For Undergraduate Level Entry  
Direct Entry: Permanent Commission For Graduate Level Entries  
Indian Navy Entrance Test (INET):   
Permanent Commission and Short Service Commission for Graduate Level Entries    
Entry of a sailor in Indian NavyWritten Examination, Physical Test, Entry Level Medical Test and Final Enrolment Medicals1-Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR)  
2- Matric Recruit (MR) (Chef / Steward / Sanitary Hygienist)  
3- Musician (MUS)  
4- Sports Entry  
5- Artificer Apprentices (AA)    

Indian Navy Entrance Examinations

Name of the Entrance ExaminationParticulars of Examination
NDA (Only for Men)Written Examination Conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)
SSB Interview
Medical Examination
Indian Navy direct entry exam (MER exam) (Sailor)Direct Recruitment by Indian Navy
Written Examination
Physical Fitness Test
Indian Navy Law and Logistics Cadre examMerit List based on Written Exam
SSB Interview
No written exam for permanent commission
Indian Navy direct entry Artificer ExamWritten Examination Physical Fitness Test Medical Examination
Indian Navy SSC Technical ExamWritten exam SSB Group Discussion Interview Medical Fitness Test
University Entry SchemeCampus Interview
Medical Test
Special Naval Architect Entry SchemeCampus Interview
Medical Test

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Major Career streams in Indian Navy

Major Career streams in Indian Navy can be stratified in to five sections.

They are Executive Stream, Engineering Stream, Electrical Stream, Medical Stream, and Education Stream. Further details of the same are given below

Career StreamsCareer Roles PerformedDesignations
Executive StreamFocus on the smooth functioning of the ship by ensuring effective navigation communication, aviation, and Logistics details  
In Short, the Executive stream controls naval onboard Operations
Pilot Officer General Service Officer Observer Officer Law Officer Hydrographic Officer Diver Officer Provost Officer Logistic Officer Submarine Officer
Engineering StreamFocus on keeping the navy machinery free from any type of malfunctioning  
Design, construct, and keep up with effective quality control and repairing of the naval vessels associated with the Indian Navy
 General Services Engineers Naval Construction related Engineers Submarine Engineers
Electrical StreamThis stream caters to the electrical requirements of the warships thereby providing adequate electrical support to the Indian NavyElectrical engineers maintain radar and radio communication.   They also manage missile systems and computer-controlled machineries
Medical StreamDue consideration is given to the health requirements of the servicemen who join the Indian NavyMedical Practitioners
Education StreamGiving necessary training to officers and sailors who join Indian Navy  Specialized Officers

Salary and other benefits of Personnel who join Indian Navy

A career in the Navy is associated with numerous perks and emoluments that will never fail to fascinate the ambitious youth targeting the Indian Navy to pursue their dream career.

Let us have a look at the salary and other benefits enjoyed by Navy Personnel in India.

Rank of the OfficialsSalary
AdmiralINR 30,0000
Vice Chief of Naval StaffINR 26,0000
Vice AdmiralINR 24,000-INR 24,5000
Rear AdmiralINR 18,400-INR 22,4000
CaptainINR 17,100-INR 20,4500
CommanderINR 15,100-INR 18,7000
Lieutenant CommanderINR 12,800-INR 16,0500
LieutenantINR 10,000-INR 11,8000
Sub-lieutenantINR 8,2500-INR 10,0500

General Allowances for Navy Personnel

  • Submarine Allowance
  • Diving Allowance
  • Expatriation Allowance
  • Uniform Allowance

Specific Allowances for Navy Personnel

AllowanceTarget OfficialsRate Per Month (in INR)
FlyingQualified Pilot / Observer25000 Per Month
SubmarineQualified Submariner25000 Per Month
MarcosQualified as MARCOs25000 Per Month
Diving QualifiedShip Diver900 Per Month
Sea GoingAll Naval Officers serving Onboard Ships (Sailing only)10500 Per Month
TechnicalTechnical Officers3000 – 4500 per Month
Hard AreaAll Officers posted in Hard Area as declared by Govt.20% of Basic Pay
House RentTo Officers not provide Govt. Accommodation24%, 16%, 8% of Basic Pay
TransportAll Officers7200 or 3600 Plus Dearness Allowance

Career for Women in Indian Navy

Indian Navy started giving career opportunities for women as Short Service Commissioned Officers in specific branches of the Navy from the year 1992.

Following streams of Indian Navy are open for woman candidates who dream of a career in Indian Navy.

  • Air Traffic Control (ATC)
  • Law
  • Pilot (Maritime Reconnaissance Stream only)
  • Education
  • Naval Architecture
  • Logistics
  • Observers in Aviation
  • Naval Armament Inspectorate

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